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CIRCULAR Multi-Color Variscite Grass Turquoise Pyrite Yinyang Pendant [with FREE Necklace 
$29.99 -
-CIRCULAR Multi-Color Variscite Grass Turquoise Pyrite Yinyang Pendant [with FREE Necklace} * Size(mm):40x7, Weight(g):18, * * Color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor * * from SUPER FAST SHIPPER HIBISCUS EXPRESS, * * As early as 4000 - 5000 BCE humans, first in the Sinai region of Egypt, and a millennium later in Mesoamerica and China, were mining and working turquoise into jewelry and ceremonial objects. It was so highly valued in Egypt * The shining sky blue is one of the most popular trend colours in the world of Jewelry and fashion. Has been esteemed for thousands of years as a holy stone, a bringer of good fortune or a talisman. * There is an avid collector market for turquoise, with sibling rivalry amongst the various enthusiasts who see virtue in different colors, matrix variations and mine sites. Just as no gem collection would be complete without several representatives of this species, so no jewelry collection should be without at least one piece featuring this well beloved gem. * Turquoise is a stone of wholeness and the unity of all creation. It is known as a stone of vision, integration and clarity. Turquoise is sacred in both the Native American and Eastern/Oriental cultures. It is called the "Sky Stone" uniting the Heavens and the Earth. It is very powerful for grounding and protection, and is reputed to change colors when danger is near the wearer. Turquoise has long been used to promote honest and clear communication, directly from the heart. * .. . . sold as a curio only =